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ICF construction is a modern building technology that is becoming more popular. Laventure Construction is one of the first builders to offer ICF homes over 25 years ago. The technology back then was new, and more expensive compared to conventional building methods. This is NOT the case anymore. New designs and technology make ICF the stronger, more cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, comfortable and energy efficient building solution. Laventure Construction is an Elite Installer of various brands including Nudura and FoxBlock.

Lifetime of Savings
Insulated Concrete Forming creates a supreme building envelope. The basic block is R-25, but can exceed R-40 with the added thermal mass of the concrete. Thicker foam options can be used to achieve Passive House certification.  It can reduce heating and cooling costs (up to 50%) and helps achieve Net-Zero Energy goals.

Strength Against The Elements
The double insulated, steel reinforced wall assembly is rated against severe weather and storms. The extreme resilience to high winds makes ICF a safer and stronger investment compared to conventional building.

Comfort and Quiet
A monolithic air and vapour barrier eliminates moisture intrusion, creating spaces with healthier air quality. ICF exceeds the code minimum for airtightness, allowing accurate climate control. The design of the wall assembly minimizes sound mitigation, producing a quiet and peaceful home.

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Epoxy Floor Systems

The Concrete Division of Laventure Construction began in 2013. We offer concrete forming, placing and finishing services. Our finishing services also include Epoxy Flooring systems and Polished Concrete Floors. We are equipped to handle your concrete projects from start to finish including design, excavation, forming and finishing. Our team is led by an ACI (American Concrete Institute) Advanced Flatwork Finisher. We can also be hired for just the placing and finishing of concrete, or contracted to help other companies on larger pours. Our knowledge, passion, and attention to detail are the foundation of our work.

Polished Concrete Flooring

The natural look of concrete is becoming a popular finish among designers and architects. Polished concrete refines the existing concrete floor to display its natural beauty. The process is done by mechanically grinding, honing, and polishing the floor to its desired grit. Different levels of sheen can be achieved from matte, to super high gloss, along with varying levels of aggregate exposure. The finished floor will be densified and sealed to create an ultra durable floor that is very easy to clean and maintain. Polished concrete works the best over radiant heat floors, as there is no additional material covering to insulate and reduce performance of your floor system. These floors can be installed on any existing concrete floor, but work best for basement floors, garage floors, commercial flooring, retail stores, office spaces, and warehousing.

Epoxy Floor Systems

Epoxy Flooring Systems are commonly known as resinous floors. These floors offer serious concrete protection and are easy to clean and maintain. There are different systems available that are tailored to your budget and application. These floors are ideal for;

Garage Floors


-Food Processing Areas

-Dairy Barns


-Storage Units

-Retail Spaces

     Hermetic Flake System

The Flake system is installed using coloured vinyl chips broadcast into an epoxy base coat. It then has a UV resistant topcoat to lock in the flakes, leaving a surface that is slip resistant but still easy to clean. The full system includes an epoxy vapour barrier primer, base coat with broadcast, lock down coat, and urethane top coat.

​     Hermetic Quartz System

Similar to the flake broadcast system, the Quartz system is a full broadcast floor but uses a quartz aggregate instead of a coloured vinyl flake. The Quartz system is used for those wanting a little more slip resistance, or wanting to save some cost compared to a Flake system on larger square footage.


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Our team of experienced and licensed carpenters are at your command. The core of our employees has worked together for over 10 years, and complete projects efficiently and on time.  We are a well-balanced crew with employees that offer stronger skills in different areas. We have team members specialized in concrete forming and finishing, project management, woodworking and finish carpentry. Our versatile team led by over 35 years of experience allows us to offer a wide range of services.